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DH in charge of dinner tonight

September 23rd, 2012 at 04:08 pm

I think I've mentioned this before---I quit my job to be a SAHM 3 years ago. And about a year and a half ago we cut back drastically on eating out--we only eat out about once a month now. DH's job (until recently) put him on call 24/7 and he was frequently working during dinner time and in the evenings. Therefore, cooking meals was solely my responsibility.

Which is fine, except I found that I get really burnt out on cooking. I search online for recipes, read reviews, make a meal plan, make a grocery store list based on that plan...every. single. week. It just gets tiring and my once-a-month break (when we go out to eat) just wasn't cutting it.

So a few weeks ago I asked DH if he would consider taking over one meal a week (on a Saturday or Sunday). And by that I meant he can research what to make, make me a list of what to get at the store when I do my normal grocery shopping, and he can cook the dinner. And it has to be under $10. (Most of the meals I make are under $5, and the few times DH has cooked he buys expensive pre-cooked ribs or something else pre-made and I didn't want our food budget going up by that amount every week).

So this was his first week doing it, and tonight was the night. He made beef fajitas. I bought some beef skirt steak, he researched seasonings to put on top...tortillas, cheese, onions, beans. The beef was about $5 but the whole meal was under $10. And it was good. And the best part was, I got to sit down and just wait for it to be ready!

Who does the cooking/meal planning at your house? Do you trade off? Any tips for saving time or not getting burnt out?